1.wee tight hole

2.a sexy sister
1.she has an olivia

2.his sister is olivia
by callum ob in yer area October 20, 2010
the 5th man of G-Unot
you can see olivia's junk in the candy shop music video
by BWS4LIFE April 16, 2006
a name for a girl who thinks is so pretty, the best, when she is actually a fucking dumb bitch!!! usually olivia's wear way too much make up to cover up their hideous faces but we all know even with make up they cant cover up their fucking ugly troll faces olivia's also have big noses and have the most ridiculous bodys and are really flat chested whores. most olivias will grow up to be pornstars, they dont get much attention from the boys they have to pay them to get some pussy action, they can never get some free DICK!!! olivias like to be horrible to everyone because she thinks that she is one hard MOTHA FUCKAAA when really all she actually is a fucking stupid PATHETIC whore. she cant look in the mirror or she will break it with her freakishly large nose and hideous ugliness. a word that best describes olivia is simply 'WHORE'
boy 1: ugh, look at that girl...
boy 2: yeah i know, she is a fucking whore

boy 1: yeah and her pussy stinks... eww

boy 2; shes such an olivia!!!
by justcallmebby February 12, 2014
Olivia is a girl who tends to keep to herself, and her books. She'd rather listen to good Johnny Cash tune them hangout with a group of people. She wants to wear red lipstick everyday, and grow her hair to her feet. Olivia enjoys horror films, and fields of flowers. She is a neat freak, but currently flunking math. Olivia hates people, she believes if ever person on Earth died, nothing would change. Animals would roam free, grass would go as tall as the trees. Without people life would be a beautiful thing. To please Olivia, you must like novels, movies, and film cameras.
"You know that babe Olivia?" -Chris

"Helllz yeah, she so attractive and fucking hilarious!"- Everyone on Earth
by meow_glitter_666 April 04, 2011
Hot, Sexy, Muff, love's to wear erotic clothing infront of her many boyfriends and girlfriends.
Inventer of the great, Fluffer Sandwich. Very cute, and naughty. FABULOUS in the bedroom, looks like Justin Bieber.
Loves being tickled in all the wrong places, and obsessed with fish fingers.
"WOW! I want that sexy lingerie that Olivia's wearing!" "Olivia looks an awful lot like Justin Bieber today!"
by Cory Blundell October 13, 2011
A bitchy girl who is loved by everyone, but nobody knows about her true life, she cheats on boyfriends and back stabs all of her friends, she has fake blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she has no eyebrows and buck teeth!
Holly: Olivia is so nice
Gemma: no shes not, she's a backstabbing BITCH!
by LaLaLaLandx April 03, 2012
olivia is a bootylicious name given to black people who like to pigeons and are good at sticking landings. olivia's are also known best for aboriginal dancing they are preety amazing people
oh daumm check that olivia
by jeffy_1223 August 29, 2011

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