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A wonderful friend. She is a person you can trust with your life and can dump your feelings on and she will encourage you to keep going. She is usually attractive and is very nice. When she talks bad about anyone, they are the ones who deserve it. She is always very nice to her friends and treat them how they deserve to be treated. You better think twice before losing her as a friend because she is one of the few friends that you cat trust with any secret. Olivia is hard to top on a best friends list.

I told Olivia everything and she didnt tell anyone.
by Torture Laughs April 08, 2013
Loud, Funny and cute. She has a great smile. She is always centre of attention and this can sometimes annoy people. Her main goal in life is to be popular. She has lots of friends but only a few of them are true because they talk behind her back. She definitely has her blond moments and ALWAYS leaves studying to the last minute. She says things that she dosnt think through and that causes her to offend people without her releasing. She can be judgmental and rude but at the end of the day she is really nice.
Girl- Hey whats your name?

Olivia- Olivia

Girl- Oh i could tell by the way you were in the centre of attention over there.
by hipoliposuck1234567890 August 02, 2012
Beautiful person all around. She has a smile that lights up the room and sparkling eyes. There isn't very many people like her so don't let her go once she's yours. She has a hard time trusting people who have hurt her in the past. Great friend to everyone and there for anyone who needs her. Loves to party and is good at it too. Usually very talented and smart
That's Olivia over there
by Freako12 December 17, 2013
Weird, hilarious, a total drama queen, loves to be in the spotlight, a great leader, adventurous, often fearless, a good kisser, popular, very loud, beautiful and very talented.
by pinkelephant12 July 23, 2013
Funny, caring, loves to be around friends, and she is very talkative so don't sit next to her in class she is also very smart and likes to call people funny names she is the best person you could have as your friend so if you have an Olivia in your life don't let her go
"Omg I had the funniest conversation with Olivia!!!"
The most gorgeous, amazeing, perfect-in-her-own-way, has a great styl, could have anybody in the rld if she wanted them. It is very easy for people to envy, she is her own person, and diesnt take crap from anybody. <3
Shes got to be an Olivia
by sweetcakes April 14, 2012
A person who is more then funny she's HILARIOUS!!! A good friend but competitive at times Olivia is a trustworthy person! An over all well rounded person!! And a mathematical genius !!!
Boy -"wow she's really smart"
Girl-"Ya! She's definitely an Olivia"
by Anonymusfriend December 14, 2013
the best person ever. shes so beautiful and overall perfect.
boy 1: dang whos that
boy 2: man that's olivia
by immabossassbitch December 08, 2013