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An Irish-American actress born to a wealthy journalist family, meaning...girl got connections and she USES THEM! While in her House era she seemed charming and intellectual, she seems to be mostly cast in brainless eye-candy roles. Which is disappointing. She also has the busiest PR person ever...people will get sick of her, unless she finds some roles with more tact. Otherwise she's going to end up in the Megan Fox or Jessica Alba bin.
2009: Watching House

"Who is that girl? She's stunning!"-Mark
"Oh, yeah...That's Olivia Wilde! She's rad"

2011: In any movie, any magazine, any website, anywhere
"This bitch again?"
by GemiD1313 August 16, 2011
Hottest fucking bitch evur. ilu biatch. She wants Frank Iero's babies.
Olivia Wilde is the hottest on the Oc, we should get Frank Iero on thurr.

by Not Keira Knightley February 10, 2005
the reason i started watching the o.c., cause her and marissa are so cute together.
without her marissa would have to go back to that ass ryan.
by ocfangurl March 17, 2005

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