1. Norms, morals, a way of life that is no longer applicable to current social life-styles.
2. A noun describing the way things used to be.
3. Trends, fads, and toys that used to be cool, but are now considered out of style.
1. Having sexual relations with family is a totally old school way of thinking.
2. Men who think being in bed with their family is acceptable, is completely old school.
3. Wearing bell bottom pants, is totally old school.
4. Playing with Pogs and watching Power Rangers is old school.
by Sal Ahmad June 12, 2008
One of those cute phrases that go from being hip to being hopeless in a very short time. When fat check-out women in Doritos adverts start using it, you know it's about as cool as a set of false teeth. Anyway, what's so great about suggesting that someone was educated in the Charles Dickens era?
"The place I was educated is still standing..."

"Old school, man!"
by Hunthill February 05, 2007
1.Completely beating a video game or challenge relying only on pure skill rather than what you're equipped with or cheats.
1. That guy totally kicked ass on Gangsta War using only a pistol and an axe, while that sissy nerd who doesn't even know how to shoot wasted his time fighting no brainer robots for money so that he could buy tons of armor and defense items because he didn't want to get killed because he was too afraid to attack people himself(and he sucked bad)
by X-Terminator August 26, 2004
older model cars that are remodel mostly with big rims 20's and up. candy paint tv's & dvd's a whole lot of chrome
dirtyi just fixed my old school up i got dem jordans on that thang. 5 tv 3 dvd player, station and a burberry rag on that bitch with burberry leather guts.
by bert April 10, 2004
1. Hacker of Berkeley UNIX operating system.
2. Someone who wrote a program on their 8088 in college to count how many times the mouse was clicked and then got pissed at thier room mate for 'excessive wear of the input devices'.
3. One who is guilty of skipping school to dial up into that wildcat bbs to play a door game. (ie L.O.R.D., Major Mud, Star Track, Tele-Arena, TradeWars, and Global Wars)
1. Clifford Stoll the most old school Berkeley Unix hacker and aurthor of The Cuckoo's Egg.
2. Old school bought freeware on a 5.25" floopy disk.
3. Was kicked out of school for pron that was printed from a dot matrix but got there player up 3 levels and $5000 gold and that p1mp spell.
by sand_the_computer_hacker November 24, 2003
1. An adjective used to descibe something that has gone out of style or fashion.-also spelled as "Ol' Skool"
2. Something that is old.
3. Next to Animal House, sought to be, without a doubt, the greatest college film of all time of all fucking time.
-see "Frank the Tank"
1."Those pants are old school yo"
2. "I'm going to lay down some ol' skool beats!"
3."I rented Old School last night and laughed my ass off!"
by Dub-T September 06, 2003
Influential rap artist, song, or style from the time period of the begining of the rap culture in America
Run DMC is old school.
by J: The Weird One November 20, 2001

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