Old Mate can be used to isolate a single individual out of a returned servicemen's earlybird dinner special at the local.
Oy old mate, You. Me. Outside the R-ey. Right Now.
by Art Vandalay November 23, 2003
Top Definition
n. Australian colloquialism. A replacement term for a person's name within a sentence. Usage stems from the idea that a person need not be named during a statement or anecdote, but that his or her identity can be deduced by the context of the message.

Sometimes the identity of old mate may not be discernable from the message's context. Quite often in such instances the identity is immaterial to the underlying message.
Person one: "I had sex with old mate. Again."
Person two: "You have to stop fucking her, seriously."


Person one: "Old mate dropped by and we watched the cricket for a bit."
Person two: "McGrath had a shocker, hey...."
by SITS Industries CEO September 02, 2005
Australia, "Old Mate" :
Used to describe a person (not present) who you do not know very well, have not known very long and is therefore not your really your mate, but you do have some sort of general interaction with.
old mate who just moved in down the road asked me to mow his lawn.

Did you see old mate nearly trip over ?

Can you believe old mate pulling his car in front of mine like that !
by Sublitioux June 28, 2010
1. Word to describe a good friend.
2. Name for a drug source you do not wish to reveal.
3. Word to describe a perfect stranger (male) when saying something funny about them.
1. "Whats up, old mate?"
2. "I got this gram from my old mate."
3. "Check out that old mate's mullet"
by Diego June 23, 2003
Used to describe someone you dislike thereby avoiding using there name.
Old mate slept with my girlfriend when I was serving overseas.
by Wisey August 25, 2005
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