the best sea creature dude on youtube EVER.

hes hilariouso and SEXXIIII
quote from the Old Greg video:

Old Greg: Hi there, I’m old greg, pleased to meet ya. What you doin in my waters?
Fisherman: Just takin the air you know, not fishin.
Greg: Then how come this hooks in my head fool?!
Fisherman: Its nothing to do with me.
Old Gee: Its attached to your rod mother licka!!
Fisherman: Don’t kill me, I’ve got so much to give.
GEEE: Easy now fuzzy little man peach.Ever drank baileys out of a shoe? Do you want to come to a club were people wee on eachotha?
Fisherman: No.
oldgreg: I’m goina hurt you.
fisherman: Excuse me.
GREG: I like you, what do you think of me?
Fisherman: I don’t really know sir.
GreG: Make an assessment.
fish: I think you’re a nice modern gentle man.
GREG: Don’t lie to me boy.
man: I’m not lying.
gregster: I know what your thinking.Here comes old Greg, he’s scaly man fish
by MHolz April 23, 2009
a hot ass british scally man fish who loves baileys
"omg look at that guy, hes such an old greg"
by bob metjian July 10, 2008
Your at a party where you are getting hammered. The feeeling of drunk enters your body, but it is not alone, the feeling of horny is with it. You are now ridged like a bread stick. You post up in the party and eagle eye that one girl that suits your fancy. When you spot her, you approach and say those special words that all girls want to her, "Sup beautiful, wanna fuck?!" You proceed to grab her hand and pull her to an empty bed room where you get busy, real fucking busy. The next morning, your bragging to all your friends that you bagged this one chick when you notice your buddy is histarical. He then tells you that he fucked a girl in that same bed, but he pulled out and came all over the bed. Tat bed was soaked with your buddies swimmers and you bagged that random chick on top of that shit.
Dude, you old greged that chick because I came all over that bed, dumbass.
by Ginger Lariat June 24, 2011

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