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An incorrect spelling of "Old Gregg," a character portrayed by Noel Fielding in a season 2 episode of the British comedy, "The Mighty Boosh."
Guy 1: I'm Old Greg!!!!

Guy 2: You've never even heard of The Mighty Boosh, have you? You probably think he's a YouTube celebrity.
by MontyJS February 06, 2009
An online gamer with a poor connection thus causing extreme lag who then denies that said gamer could possibly be lagging.
Gamer A: Dude, you're lagging so bad
Gamer B: No, it's you. I have a great connection.
Gamer A: Wow, you're such a laghole.
by montyjs November 20, 2009
Its like a regular 69. Only in a 67 the man has no legs.
Hey your a moderatly attractive woman and I'm a moderatly attractive man with no legs. Lets 67 :P
by Montyjs June 07, 2006
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