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a scaly man fish with a mangina!
Old greg: I'm old greg, i've got a downstairs mixup. I've got a mangina!
by hahahahbiiiiitch November 07, 2007
(V.) to old greg on someone is to hit on someone very creepily and awkwardly, usually in an attempt to get that person to do something he or she doesn't want to do.
Effective examples of old gregging iclude:
1. throwing out continuous strains of awkward, senseless questions, such as: "do you want to go to a club where people wee on eachother?" or "do you ever drink Bailey's from a shoe?"
2. Displaying the mangina
Person A: Yo man, I saw you old greggin' on that chick last night. Did she give you what you wanted?

Person B: Nah, dude, but I bet if I had given her some Bailey's and shown her my artwork, she would have complied.
by Bababaller December 03, 2007
A scaly fish-man who lives in Black Lake, and only surfaces during full moons.

A Youtube celebrity.
"Do yew luv meh? Aar yew playing yur luv games with meh?"
"I'm old greg"
by Chrigela November 18, 2007
1. A scaly man fish originally aired on "The Mighty Boosh" now popular on You Tube and throughout Avon High School

2. You must love him exactly as he loves you, or you might be dealt with the same way he dealt with Curly Jefferson

3. Enjoys Watercolors and Baileys

4. Often displays mangina

noun: old greg's place; refers to an underwater cave that has all things that are good
Old greg quote:

"What're ya doin in my waters?"
"Not fishing...sir"
"Then why's this hook in me head?"
"'s not mine"
"It's attatched to your rod mother licker!"
by Chelsea Patton May 13, 2008
An incorrect spelling of "Old Gregg," a character portrayed by Noel Fielding in a season 2 episode of the British comedy, "The Mighty Boosh."
Guy 1: I'm Old Greg!!!!

Guy 2: You've never even heard of The Mighty Boosh, have you? You probably think he's a YouTube celebrity.
by MontyJS February 06, 2009
A scaly man-fish with a mangina!
"Do you love me? Could you ever love me?"

Man: "Where are we?"
Old Greg: "Old Greg's place."
by JellehBellehBebe March 31, 2009
The finder of "the funk" after it was kicked off the mothership by George Clinton.
Old Greg : Do you love me? Are you just playing love games?
by as_a_kite January 29, 2010
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