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the best sea creature dude on youtube EVER.

hes hilariouso and SEXXIIII
quote from the Old Greg video:

Old Greg: Hi there, I’m old greg, pleased to meet ya. What you doin in my waters?
Fisherman: Just takin the air you know, not fishin.
Greg: Then how come this hooks in my head fool?!
Fisherman: Its nothing to do with me.
Old Gee: Its attached to your rod mother licka!!
Fisherman: Don’t kill me, I’ve got so much to give.
GEEE: Easy now fuzzy little man peach.Ever drank baileys out of a shoe? Do you want to come to a club were people wee on eachotha?
Fisherman: No.
oldgreg: I’m goina hurt you.
fisherman: Excuse me.
GREG: I like you, what do you think of me?
Fisherman: I don’t really know sir.
GreG: Make an assessment.
fish: I think you’re a nice modern gentle man.
GREG: Don’t lie to me boy.
man: I’m not lying.
gregster: I know what your thinking.Here comes old Greg, he’s scaly man fish
by MHolz April 23, 2009
Its like the word
but youre laughing
so it ends up going
gangster : "yo yo yo sup?"
you : "Helol!"

by MHolz April 23, 2009
just said much more gangster-like YA HEAR?

"Did you just peup?"
"i need to peup!"
"did someone just peup on the floor?!?!"
by MHolz April 22, 2009

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