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A nickname for the 24-starred American Flag flown during the Civil War as coined by Salem, Mass. shipmaster Capt. William Driver. This term has now come into use for the American Flag of any design. She is timeless; No war could diminish her radiance, no faulty administration foul her name.
When the Captain of the 22nd Maine regiment lifted Old Glory above the cannon haze, a singular rally-cry issued forth from his troops.
by Jake Phelps June 14, 2006
A bitch that is so ugly that you have to wrap a flag around her head and do her for your country
That chic is an old glory.
by sedrikk July 07, 2005
The title of one who has been caught in the nude by one's parents or sibling with the flag of our nation wrapped around his/her naked body.
Chris D'Angelis, unsure of his parents' arrival, decided to let loose, was walked in on, and is now dubbed Old Glory.
by Hasky April 19, 2005
quality clothing brand wornm be great people like myself
check out that glory t-shirt
by chris March 07, 2005
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