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o-key-cho-bee Instead of saying okee dokee anyone that is groovy says okeechobee instead now. basically means the same as OK.
Jim; hey bring that big bag of suck up here.
Mark; okeechobee
by mark gonos February 12, 2008
A great magical place in Florida filled with stud muffins, used mattresses, and shoe carnivals. They also have a lake where you can go fishin and stuff.
They have great stores in Okeechobee.
I'm going to Okeechobee for the weekend, they have a great Shoe carnival.
by Bruce4Mits October 06, 2009
The act of having anal sex with someone who has bad swamp-ass
It was really hot at the bonfire and Goldyss gave me a wet okeechobee.
by Bessy Dix May 30, 2011
1) A small little town in the State of Florida where Cows out number people and an evil Leprechaun named David lives.
2) 'Chobee - a word used to discribe something lame, boring or just plain stupid.
1) I live in Okeechobee...the smell of Cow Pies fill the air...

2) Man, this Movie is so 'Chobee...
by Misti December 14, 2003
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