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3 definitions by Misti

When a Bunch of Guys get together and hit themselves in the junk for laughs becuase they were dropped on their heads a few times as children.
Jason, Michael and Yamil are President, Vice Pres and Vice-Vice Pres of the Junk Club. Meetings Held Weekly.
by Misti December 14, 2003
1) A small little town in the State of Florida where Cows out number people and an evil Leprechaun named David lives.
2) 'Chobee - a word used to discribe something lame, boring or just plain stupid.
1) I live in Okeechobee...the smell of Cow Pies fill the air...

2) Man, this Movie is so 'Chobee...
by Misti December 14, 2003
when a girl getts her period really bad
i need a super tampon im flow
by misti October 23, 2004