Exclamation of displeasure
Ohnoes! my boxe haz ben hax0rd!
by Slappy May 29, 2003
This means the same as saying "oh no!" Saying it plural makes the word "kewl."
Oh noes! My friend got banned from IRC.
by Reejii March 26, 2003
An exclamation of horror and shock, negatively looking at an outcome.
<kid 1> I beat up your little brother, stole his lunch money, and hung him by his neck over a fiery pit of doom.
<kid 2> Oh no!
by Alanax0rz May 23, 2004
You remember lemmings? When you nuke a lemming he says "oh no" and explodes. If you truly mess up a level beyond repair and the only thing you can do is lose, you mass nuke your lemmings. They all say "oh no".

= Oh Noes!
Ah crap I messed it uo AGAIN! Oh noes!
by Enturin October 09, 2006
an especially sarcastic way to say 'oh no'
oh nos i forgot to buy the new linkin park cd. ;_;;;;;;;;
by Tion The One September 03, 2004
A phrase you don't want your girlfriend to say at anytime ever.

1) Lisa: "Oh no!"
John: "WHAT?"
Lisa: "I'm pregnant!"
by J3553ROCKS April 29, 2009
When you are royally fucked.
3 little girls are on a tube ride in their local lake. They hit a monster wave, and all 3 of them fly off of the rub screaming oh noes!
by Erk December 16, 2004

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