abbr. Operator-Driver-Mechanism:

A term used by an uber-geek to clandestinely make fun of a less skillful computer operator who has made a stupid error.
User: My screen is blank.

Uber-geek: sounds like the ODM...is the power on you artard?
by Kurty December 07, 2006
Top Definition
Oldschool Dirty Motherfucker
He asked to call him oDm
by xoDmx January 24, 2010
oh dios mio! the new OMG.
Dude what are you doing, ODM!, you're drinking all the beer.
by Kashell May 21, 2007
when a girl is wearing to much make up =OVER DOSE of MAKE UP
Example 1
You:that girls is peng

Your friend: nah man shes O.D.M
Example 2
You: dam girl O.D.M anymore
Example 3
You: shes only peng in her pics cos she O.D.Ms before a she takes them
by MrGoSouth July 29, 2011
Only Dates Models
Joe: "Hey, is Jeff dating another hot chick?"

Dan: "Yeah!"

Joe: " Lisa, Sheryl, now her? Man, he ODM!"

Dan: "ODM? What's that?"

Joe: " He Only Dates Models!:
by LuLuBee August 15, 2010
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