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An abbreviation for "obviously." Obvi is now a part of the text-generation lexicon.
"Dude, you showin' out tonight."
by JCALLA April 15, 2008
An abbreviation for 'obvious,' popular with people of limited intelligence, generally of the 13-year-old girl variety. Often used to refer to things that are only obvious by virtue of the mindless monotony of the user's life.
Hey babes, what r you listening to?
Miley Cyrus, obvi!
by notexts April 16, 2010
Shortend word for Obvious.
A Word used by many gays and teen girls. Gays originated it and basically claimed it as their own.
Omg! Its totes obvi that guy is gay.
by bowdownbiatches February 01, 2015
An abbreviation of the word obviously used mainly when woman get drunk resulting in them becoming rather annoying and using only a part of there intelligence
Haylie: "hey Steph did you bang that 12 year old last night?"
Steph: "Obvi"
by jimmy1789 March 12, 2015
something sorority girls say to sound cool, but in all actuality it makes them sound like pretentious high school sophomores
sorority girl - "im always willing to try something new"
guy - "in that case, stop by my house with a box of condoms"
sorority girl - "ok"
guy - "and bring a bottle of lube just in case"
sorority girl - "obvi"
by wawa kid November 03, 2005
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