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short for Orange Blossom Trail, a major street in Orlando, Florida, known for the whores and hos who tend to work there.
Becky, where's the money you earned me working your corner down on OBT?
I got ran over by on-going traffic so I was unable to produce the expected income, Jay.
by Humaira June 23, 2005
Short for Orange Blossom Trail, the southern part of it is the ghetto or slum of Orlando Florida. It is crackhead hell.
Man: Don't go down to south OBT at night, especially if you are a tourist.
by thaskizz July 18, 2008
Open Beta Test
Max: Hey man, soon Doom 4 will be available for OBT.
Noah: Sweet' can't wait to try this game.
by YK69 July 09, 2010
Only Bitches Talk shit
Mark says to Brittney : She's over there talking crap about you.

Brittney says : So, OBTS.
by Hayley Bosman July 06, 2008
Orgasm By Tongue
Her favorite form of relaxation is OBT
by tbone666 February 05, 2010
Obviously Black Trait

A steeotypical traited possessed by members of the African American race
Definitely OBT
by wordson23 July 21, 2011
Short form for One Bomb Tom. You call somebody this when people in video games lose a round on purpose to lengthen the game while everyone else wants to end it.
Guy 1: Don't defuse the bomb, I want this game to keep going.
Guy 2: Okay OBT
by VGGuy November 25, 2010

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