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a beautiful country situated along the east african coast. filled with exotic animals and beautiful beaches, it is home to the big 5 and the spice island of zanzibar. tanzania also has the worlds highest free standing mountain as well as africas highest mountain KILIMANJARO.
B: I'm going to tanzania for a holiday!

A: Awesome
by 4-real-tz May 27, 2009
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Tanzania is a beautiful and independent East African country with many physical attraction such as Mountains, lakes (Great Lakes), valleys and wildlife, it is the country where you can meet most caring people who treat foreigners as their relatives.
Tanzania is the home of the world highest free standing mountain as well as African highest mountain " Mount Kilimanjaro", also is where you can meet the tallest African tree that measure about 81.5m up to the sky.

Hey friends across the world let's visit Tanzania , #Karibuni Tanzania# Hakuna Matata
1. Tanzania is the best place to visit more and more.
2.I am proud of Tanzania.
3.East or West Tanzania is best.
by julianmosha December 04, 2016
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one of the east african countries known for safaris. a long time german colony, it was highly unstable during this time period. the british eventually took over. since independence, things haven't gone well. the nation has seen a marxist dictatorship and an unstable, mostly for-show, democracy and various wars with neighboring lands.
tanzania is where al queda bombed a us embassy in 1998.
by Ben E. Hama February 01, 2007
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