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The disastrous result of doing or following the speakings of a smooth talker.
"This whole-life insurance policy has turned into an obamination."

"That swamp land I bought is an obamination"
by John X. Tampa May 11, 2008
The predicted ruined state of the country after Obama's presidency.
NOUN: Many conservatives are sure of an Obamanible situation. Obamination.
by donkykong8765 February 25, 2009
Pun on the word "abomination". Refers to a policy touted by Obama that is either highly confused, or one in which he has changed his stance on at least twice in 24 hours. Also used to refer to ostentatious sets seen at political rallies such as "the Greek Temple" or "the Wall of Light".
Did you see the stage Obama stuttered out a speech on last night trying to make him look like Jupiter Maximus from a Roman Play? The whole night was an Obamination!
by Hugh_Mann October 30, 2008
(n) A Machiavellian attempt to smite the will of the people.
National Socialism packaged for the cattle who want it, deserve it, and have forgotten History.

Sound bytes that shall echo during the second fall of Rome.

The Daily News.
by YES WE CAN_think for ourselves September 03, 2009
like abomination,a person who is loathsome or disgusting, except what will happen if obama becomes president
barack is an obamination, and must be stopped!
by shane roach October 23, 2008
The vile, shameful, or detestable action, condition, or habit of voting for Barrack Obama.
You want another 4 years of destruction of this country so you're voting for Obama. What an Obamination!
by Enough is Enough October 20, 2012
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