the biggest shit hole in australia. the police do nothing. the kids do nothing and the adults do nothing. you want to be a druggo. this is the right place for you :D alcohol and drugs is a big part of the fuctioning of oakey. there is only one highschool.
"man, i need some weed." "go to oakey bro"
by unknown.347 October 27, 2011
Top Definition
beginner not having experience in a certain field of work
"This oakey bitch doesnt know what hes doin."
"This cat is straight up oakey."
by Josh Cintron June 15, 2008
The second to lowest possible social level for a white person. Second only to trailer trash. People who collects hub caps and hang them on their house or fence, tape their windows instead of replacing them, and have a large collection of random shit scattered in their yards, in a seemingly organized chaos. They are generally a bit more shifty and withdrawn.
Run and git that hub cap, son. We'll give it to that family up the crick. They's good people, just oakeys.
by Naomi_A July 24, 2008
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