Top Definition
1. A word used to describe some really lame individual that nobody likes

2. A pervert, somebody who touches others inappropriately in the wrong places

3. Someone with a foul stench, making others gag intentionally
1. Let's go kick some oake ass

2. That oake is a sicko, yo, fuck him to hell

3. Hey, that stinky oake is back!
by Nevertheless January 31, 2005
Also known as a 'wage-slave'. To 'Oakes' means to be a slave to the grind. A mindless automaton that confuses financial success with financial security; arbitrarily devoting all time and energy pursuing a livelihood completely dependent on the wages earned, with little ability or motivation to perceive choices. Those who experience being Oakes'd generally live a life of quiet desperation, often feeling trapped by the perceived forces beyond their control, but ultimately blind to the futility of the general socially accepted path to stable livelihood through work performed in a wage economy.
Dude, don't be such an Oakes, quit working for the man and start your own business, you pussy.
by Slave to the man August 01, 2011
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