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3 definitions by Nevertheless

Cool, hot, seen as stylish, hip. Usually seen as new, and very accepted, and surprisingly cool!
Those new clothes are so tick-tock!

That's a tick-tock haircut!
by Nevertheless January 31, 2005
3 14
1. A word used to describe some really lame individual that nobody likes

2. A pervert, somebody who touches others inappropriately in the wrong places

3. Someone with a foul stench, making others gag intentionally
1. Let's go kick some oake ass

2. That oake is a sicko, yo, fuck him to hell

3. Hey, that stinky oake is back!
by Nevertheless January 31, 2005
6 18
1. A fat or obviously overweight person.

2. A noise made when a fat person walks by

3. Another name for a fat/lazy or over-strict cop
1. That oink is going to break the couch!

2. Oink! Look at that tub-of-lard!

3. That oink should lay off the donuts.
That oink ass should leave us alone!
by Nevertheless January 31, 2005
14 27