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A nationwide school to educate kids in rock, Founded by Paul Green & featured in the Documentary "ROCK SCHOOL". The school got some other great press when Jack Black and Group made a Comedy film about them.
Did you see Rock School...No I attend It
by KEIKO June 07, 2005
used when aggreeing with something or that you understand what they are saying.

the * indicate that the nod is an action they are preforming
person 1:that movie was really horrible
person 2: *nods*
by keiko August 19, 2003
a look of shock or bewilderment, the ; represents a sweat drop
i accidentally put a whole in the roof o_0;
by keiko August 19, 2003
meaning god damn
those gawdamn losers keep ripping me off
by keiko August 19, 2003
a small little smirk or smile
aww ^^= how cute
by keiko August 19, 2003
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