a word used by many, mainly in st annes...nyang has no meaning it is a word used for those quiet moments or screeched out of sams car window to scare passers by. it can also be used in conjunction with "buh" to form an even more hillarious word "nyangabuh"
by gs June 23, 2003
Top Definition
n. no clear meaning, it is a word yelled when a small object (such as a sandwich, clump of dirt, grape, etc.) is thrown at another person.

v. to throw such and object

related word is nyangage n.
person A: *throws apple core at B* ...NYANG!!!

person B: *dodges* what's with all the nyangage?
by Jenine May 01, 2005
The raspy call of the crackhead.pronounced nyang!
A bunch of kids decide to beat a crackhead up. The kids appear behind the crack head and he lets out a "NYANG" in surprise.
by Dat Nigga Weezy December 09, 2007

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