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n. no clear meaning, it is a word yelled when a small object (such as a sandwich, clump of dirt, grape, etc.) is thrown at another person.

v. to throw such and object

related word is nyangage n.
person A: *throws apple core at B* ...NYANG!!!

person B: *dodges* what's with all the nyangage?
by Jenine May 01, 2005
n. small objects (such as an orange, juice carton, bits of rubbish) that have been thrown while nyang was being yelled, or that are in mid-air after being thrown while nyang was yelled.
person A: the nyangage today is really bad.

persons B and C: *while throwing nyangage* ....NYANG!!!!

person A: *gets buried in nyangage*
by Jenine May 01, 2005
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