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A common korean last name. People with this last name are pretty smart, dashing good looks, and wear too much American Eagle, Aeropostale, Nike, and Puma. People with the last name "Yoon" generally have short or long hair coloured an extremely light brown. The "Yoon" usually gets his/her science textbooks written over in pen by certain individuals. The "Yoon" in most cases is very shy and quiet but is a pretty cool asian guy/girl. The "Yoon" is usually of a Christian-SDA religion but is thought to be Jewish because he\she cannot eat pork. This last name is commonly mispronounced even though it is the easiest name to pronounce.
Teacher- Is Jonathan UeneeuneoooooooneYonn here?

Jonathan Yoon- It's Y O O N, Nooby!
by Jonathan Yoon February 03, 2009
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A common Korean name that basically means they are an awesome guy/girl everyone loves cause they are too awesome for anyone else to handle. They are so awesome that words cannot even begin to express the awesome. Many can't pronouce the name properly for some reason. Obviously they cannot even pronounce the awesome.
Person: So its euan.
Yoon: No its Yoon, Yoo-n
Person: Oh Yoooon
Yoon: Oh I give up
by bigturtleguy March 15, 2013
slang term of agreement or endearment used commonly in the south west of England. first heard in Penzance.
'lets go town?', 'yoon'. 'alright mate?', 'yoon'.
by hidden agenda March 29, 2010
a word describing a person from ur social group used by devvo from fat pie
Omg yoons, neva guess what ive done......had sex with a cow!
by Coop1 May 28, 2008
A mix of the words "you" and "don't", use by people who talk too fast for they own good.
If a girl show you her tits, yoon even gone know what to do wit'em!
a non-erect, or flaccid penis
he whipped out his yoon in front of everyone, leaving it dangling for all to see
by eric stritter October 25, 2006
A conceited asshole who thinks he's the best graphics designer ever. Yoon is a fatass. Yoon is also a fail troll.
Yoon: lol u sak @ gfx
by DestinyMS April 18, 2010

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