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the sound made by giving a kiss, can be used in place of muah to mean you are kissing someone you love;
to use nyah means that you love the one you are sending the kiss to
Sweet dreams baby, nyah (kissing the one you love goodnight)
by ConTravy September 06, 2011
6 5
An interjection indicating displeasure. Supposedly first uttered by a snarky cat.
Nyah! I don't like that!
by Phil McKraken September 25, 2005
37 36
An interjection that can express any emotion, depending on tone of voice.
Bob: Did you here your team won the game?
Joe: Really? Nyah!

Bob: What are you going to do today?
Joe: Nyah, I don't know.
by Tatalp February 24, 2009
28 28
no and yeah, not really but kinda
are you having a good day? Nyah I guess!
by goldenr January 10, 2008
0 2
A single syllable expression that can be used in place of "Oh well"
Ah shite, the TV wont turn one
Nyah :(
by Travis Georg Muller September 16, 2007
7 12
That annoying sound you hear when dorks (especially engineering majors at Georgia Tech)start talking about something nerdy.
Gerald: Hey Bob how did you like that lecture on pitot static tubes and velocity analysis?

Bob: Nyaaaah!!!!!
by Elias Margonis June 18, 2004
67 72
Nyah! Pronuceation: Nee-aah
1:it is a ramdome outbust usally to brake silence. 2:studies have shown that it could be the mating call of the Sieonigh.
Bob: ...
Dan: ...
Jon: ...
Another Guy: Nyah!
Bob: lol
Dan: shut up!

Sieonigh: Nyah!
unfortuantly no one ever answers.
by Sieonigh October 10, 2007
7 19