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A person found on social networking sites such as: MySpace,Bebo ad Facebook who uploads pictures of their shirtless upper body in a desperate attempt to display their "non-existent" six packs. This is often a way fo getting girls (usually of the chav variety) to become sexually attracted to them.
OMG did you see his Facebook, he's SUCH a torso babezzz.
by Myles Bevan April 01, 2008
the human body considered without head and limbs, or a statue representing it
His torso has an inmpressive V-shape
by Solitude is Bliss January 11, 2006
The entire body minus the head and limbs. Often used when someone is wounded in the implacable area just between the chest and stomach.
*Trinity and an Agent are falling through from a building and shooting at eachother*

Agent: *hoots Trinity*

Trinity: Agh! I just got shot in the torso!

Narrator: Chest or stomach, Trin?

Trinity: I don't know or care, and thanks alot for breaking the fourth wall !
by Deoxys Ribonuke January 18, 2007
an acronymn meaning Totally Over Rated Sell Outs as coined by the band, TORSO (Totally Over Rated Sell Outs) in 2006 by it's founder and owner, S. Mayer.
Dude, did you hear the new song from TORSO (Totally Over Rated Sell Outs)?
by s mayer December 22, 2006
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