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The japanese term for "meow". Also used as a slang word, usually seen in anime or manga books.
That was such a good movie, nyah!
by lolita kitty July 12, 2006
most beautiful female to walk on Earth. Very intellegent woman with as much beauty as brains and a drive to succeed. She will leave an impact on your life and touch your heart like never before. Once you meet her, you'll never forget her. Angellic personality. Dark complection, beautiful skin.
Nyah is very beautiful and smart with a huge drive for success. With an angellic personality, you'll never forget Nyah once you meet her.
by Crazy Lola February 03, 2010
Verbal equivilent of sticking out your tounge
"Nyah." SHe said, glaring mockingly at him
by Kyuubi October 23, 2006
What Cartman on the show South Park always says in place of words like "here" and "now".
"You can stay over nyah, but I'm going over nyah."

"Yay, I shall answer the phone nyah."
by Dev December 09, 2003
An interjection with a meaning and use similar to "so there" or "eat your heart out".
"You can say what you want but I kicked your butt at that game so NYAH!"
by Rentasmo November 24, 2005
An amazing best friend who is always there for you in your time of need and will help you through anything if you ask her to. She is so nice and sweet to everyone around her and can only be mad at you for a very small amount of time. She's always happy to help but be careful, if you take advantage of her kind nature or of her friends, she will flip out and most likely hurt you as she would if you break her heart. She is incredibly funny, kind, sweet, cute and very very smart both academically and in the arts (she can also be a bit of a smart-ass.) If you know a Nyah you are lucky as a) the name is extremely rare and b) she is an amazing human being. Hold her close and make sure she feels happy because although she may be smiling at everyone else she is very self-conscious. Hold this friendship dear and try not to let her go. She's a friend for life.
Friend: Hey Nyah, I'm behind on my maths, do you think you could help me? your boyfriend told me you're really smart!
Nyah: Sure any day but Saturday, I'm helping out at a bakesale all day
Friend: You're the best ly bestie
Nyah: Ly2 boo talk later
Friend: Okee thanks Ny-Ny
by SOUND_GIRL May 31, 2015
Used in conjunction with the word "see," Often used by men with curly moustaches wearing a monocle and a black top hat. Sometimes the man also wears a penguin tux. Sometimes the word nyah is even extended to furthur draw out the intensity of the word. Often used while twisting the curled end of the moustache.
Tuxedo'd Man: "Nyah see."


Tuxedo'd Man: "Nyaaaaaaaah seeeeeeee"
by Kyond August 08, 2008
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