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A delicious chocolate and peanut butter snack of stacked wafers. The correct way to eat said fortress is to pry off each wafer layer one by one, thus extending the time this heaven-sent food is caressing your tastebuds.
John: "My mom packed me a Nutty Buddy for lunch today! FRIGGIN' SWEET!"

Bob: "Dude, you're in high school now."

John: "You mad."
by mattyp1108 June 27, 2011
a little debbie cake with two wafer sticks containing peanut butter and chocolate
you: ayo let me get a nutty buddy
other: nah u can get a oatmeal cake
by [iRan] August 06, 2008
Referring to the male testicles. Also the name of a peanut butter snack cookie.
Dude! Put some underwear on and cover up those nutty buddies.
by unclechacka June 16, 2010
When you sit down and one or both of your balls fall out your shorts.
When Clyde sat down on the cooler his nutty buddy popped out of his short, shorts.
by Dick Johnson JR May 31, 2015
When you rub peanut butter all over your balls and have a dog lick it off.
Hey did you see Rich and his dog Buddy on Letterman last night? He performed a 'Nutty Buddy' on 'Stupid Pet Tricks.'
by Snoopaloop March 20, 2006
when you diarrhea all over your nut sack
i was laying down and shat all over my ball sack, now i have a nutty buddy
by CAB1 May 21, 2009
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