A sandwich consisting of two or more slices of bread and peanut butter. As opposed to the "Fluffernutter" or the "PB&J"
In a pinch, a Nutter is a quick and satisfying snack.
by BrianPV September 18, 2005
An alternative to saying penis.
"Get yer nutter out!"
"Suck on my fat nutter"
"Nutter fuck!"
by Dr Ashdown March 20, 2006
The act of discreetly walking by a male friend and puching him in the testicles as hard as you can.
I was in the Sistene Chapel of the Vatican looking at the very painting of God's hand touching Adam's, and my friend whisped through the crowd and gave me a nutter.{true story}
by daniel haddad July 21, 2006

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