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4 definitions by TheNutters2008

The thick, gooey, creamy, hot layer of goop that accumulates upon one's nuts after months of neglecting to make an appointment for a Nut-Job.
1. Omg~! My nut film has gotten so thick and gooey that no nutter in town will peel it for me. Not even the nutters at South Hill Nut Salon.
by TheNutters2008 July 10, 2008
6 2
The time of the year when you pay nutters with half, moldy nuts to peel your nut film at the Nut Salon. (Preferably South Hill Nut Salon)
1. Dude. SPRING CLEANING TIME! Let's all make our appointments at South Hill Nut Salon! I'm paying! I have enough half, moldy nuts to pay for ev-er-y one.
by TheNutters2008 July 10, 2008
7 8
Persons who peel nut film during a Nut-Job, usually taking place as a Spring Cleaning and paid in half, moldy nuts.
1. The nutters were upset because they didn't get enough of half, moldy nuts that week. After hours of peeling and slaving over a hot nut.
by TheNutters2008 July 10, 2008
3 10
The peeling of nut film performed by nutters in a Nut Salon for a fee of half, moldy nuts.
1. I have a 3pm appointment at the South Hill Nut Salon tomorrow for a Nut-Job, but I need some half, moldy nuts to pay the nutters. And I need a lot because I haven't gotten my Spring Cleaning in over a year. Stupid nut film.
by TheNutters2008 July 10, 2008
13 40