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1: A word to describe someting that is totally crazy and awesome.

2:A feeling you get during moments of intence connection.
1: wow did you see that guy smokeing that Elephat thats hella nutters!

2:that boy is soo great, he makes me heart go nutters
by sirjerome September 25, 2009
10 2
nut-ters nuht-ers
-slang noun
1.) testicles. used to nut-out jism.

-British slang adjective
2.) nutter in singular form refers to a/an jack-off or asshole person.
Before my whore-tits ex-girlfriend kicked me out of her apartment she kicked me in the fuckin' nutters!


Man, did you hear that dudes woman swamp-stomped his round n' lows and threw him out the house? I hear he just took it like a little bitch. Fuckin' nutter(jackoff)!


He thought I parked the car shitty so the fuckin' nutter (asshole) keyed my shit up.
by blueballnutterjisms April 23, 2009
3 3
used in place of nuts, crap or any other form of words implying an event has occured in which the wrong rffect has taken place
Aw nutters, my computer just crashed
by Drewstein April 13, 2005
11 12
1. To be awe-inspiringly skilled.
2. Completely dominant
zazzang! Beethoven is nutters at teh classikal musziks!
by CoDangles November 19, 2006
9 13
Persons who peel nut film during a Nut-Job, usually taking place as a Spring Cleaning and paid in half, moldy nuts.
1. The nutters were upset because they didn't get enough of half, moldy nuts that week. After hours of peeling and slaving over a hot nut.
by TheNutters2008 July 10, 2008
3 10
1. an angry baby squirrel that attacks when provoked.
Dale screamed like a little school girl when Nutters the teeny, tiny baby squirrel ran up his leg.
by Bud E Love May 15, 2003
4 23
The creeps that come into a stickam chat/live and want to show their private parts to anyone. Often just want some to 'watch' as they beat it.
I banned a really old nutter today, it was disgusting.
by cashit August 29, 2009
14 39