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You take a dump in somebody's shoes without them knowing it, especially when they are passed out drunk.
After Ryan passed out, they drunk jenga'd him and gave him a pair of Pacheco Sneakers.
by TastyMcJuicy March 26, 2009
When somebody passes out drunk, you take turns piling stuff on them until they either wake up or the whole pile falls over.
Ryan passed out so we drunk jenga'd him and then gave him a Pacheco Sneaker.
by TastyMcJuicy March 26, 2009
Retro 70's men's short shorts that invariably expose a testicle or two at the most inopportune time. Made popular back in the 70's and 80's by Tom Selleck's character Magnum, PI
Baloo now has a matching pair of nutters to go with his other tight shirt.
by TastyMcJuicy March 28, 2009
Getting laid at dawn on your host's couch the next morning after a late night party.
Sam's brother passed out by 4am, but he still managed to wake up with a Rodeo Riser.
by TastyMcJuicy April 08, 2009
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