used in place of nuts, crap or any other form of words implying an event has occured in which the wrong rffect has taken place
Aw nutters, my computer just crashed
by Drewstein April 13, 2005
Top Definition
(nu-tter) n.

1. a crazy person
2. someone who is psychotic

Used in the U.K to describe f#@ked up people
Did you see that guy? What a nutter.
by KAC March 20, 2005
A mentally unwell person. One who is crazy/pyschotic. It's a brain condition which is inherited and makes one act in irrational and insane ways.
People think im a nutter. I must take after my father.
#pyscho #nuts #crazy #unwell #insane
by Rehmyer October 17, 2007
Used in British English to refer to someone who is insane.

Also probably the most common mistake made by outsiders when trying to reproduce a British accent. For the record, it's either "he's a nutter" or "he's nuts". Saying "he's nutters" is a good way to make British people dislike you.
Good: "What are you, some kind of nutter?"
Bad: "Are you completely nutters?"
#mad #crazy #insane #bonkers #nutjob #nuts #nutters #dotty #screwy #sane #sensible #normal
by radishey May 07, 2009
Retro 70's men's short shorts that invariably expose a testicle or two at the most inopportune time. Made popular back in the 70's and 80's by Tom Selleck's character Magnum, PI
Baloo now has a matching pair of nutters to go with his other tight shirt.
#selleck #shorts #testicles #low-ballin' going commando #going loose
by TastyMcJuicy March 28, 2009
s.o. who is obviously utterly bonkers.
...and then there was this nutter on the tube who smiled at me.
by bierbelly June 01, 2005
Short shorts worn so high that the testicles or "nuts" are actually exposed. Made famous by NBA superstar John Stockton, who wore them every game of his career.
John Stockton was sporting his nutters quite well during the game today, although his testicles were quite mis-shapen and sickening. It truly is a good thing that Karl Malone chose to go with the nutters tonight or else all focus would have been placed squarely on the swollen nuts of John Stockton and his blatent dis-reguard for public nudity laws...and maybe even Jeff "Horny" Hornacek
#stocktons #ball pushers #short shorts #sack danglers #gross
by Big Doggy Jizzle December 10, 2005
(noun)A pair on pants or shorts, worn by a male, that is excessively tight and/or hugs the genitalia.
Check out that cowboy in his nutters.
by toadlife September 25, 2003
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