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1. The hair grown above the nuts after a ritualistic shaving.
2. The derogatory term for one who landscapes his crotch hair.
3. The hair grown by a northwoods lumberjack.
1. Brian Ohme has a fantanstic nutstache.
2. Brian Ohme is a fucking nutstache
3. Brian "He's a Lumberjack and he's OK" Ohme is a fucking nutstache
by A Friend September 03, 2003
A mustache on the genitals. With the penis acting as a nose, the nut stache is the pubic hair under the shaft. It also may be part of a full nut beard.
You have such a thick nut stache!
by fire man 12 March 21, 2009
A felt set of nuts used for photobombing, photobooths, and mocking hipsters.
Bride: "I am going to murder whomever planted the nutstaches in our photobooth."
Groom: "C'mon honey, it's good ol' fashioned fun. I mean seriously, Rachel is meant to have a pair of nuts on her face."
by Benedict Cumberstache August 07, 2015
When you finish a blow job by cumming on her upper lip, like a milk mustache.
... turns out she doesn't swallow so she ended up with a Nut Stache... looked like President Taft.
by Wookieknuckle March 12, 2010
When the hair on the top sides of your balls, just below your dick, grow so far out that when curly cued it looks like your balls have a nice little moustache.
"Fuck that man, i ain't shaving for her! im growing a nutstache, she's gonna fall in love with it and still suck me off"
by Mr Tasty May 24, 2009
The hair above a mans privates.
My boyfriend needs to manscape his nutstache, it's out of control!
by Event Diva September 07, 2008
1. Placing ones nut sac on the upper lip of another person. Allowing the shaft to slap the forehead.

2. Ejaculating on a victim's upper lip and spreading it thin like a dirt stache.
1. Chris totally nut stached me earlier today. His shaft left a mark on my forehead.

2. Is my upper lip still crusty from my earlier nut stache?
by HeftyHogan January 10, 2014
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