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1. The hair grown above the nuts after a ritualistic shaving.
2. The derogatory term for one who landscapes his crotch hair.
3. The hair grown by a northwoods lumberjack.
1. Brian Ohme has a fantanstic nutstache.
2. Brian Ohme is a fucking nutstache
3. Brian "He's a Lumberjack and he's OK" Ohme is a fucking nutstache
by A Friend September 03, 2003
26 8
A mustache on the genitals. With the penis acting as a nose, the nut stache is the pubic hair under the shaft. It also may be part of a full nut beard.
You have such a thick nut stache!
by fire man 12 March 21, 2009
9 1
When you finish a blow job by cumming on her upper lip, like a milk mustache.
... turns out she doesn't swallow so she ended up with a Nut Stache... looked like President Taft.
by Wookieknuckle March 12, 2010
5 2
When the hair on the top sides of your balls, just below your dick, grow so far out that when curly cued it looks like your balls have a nice little moustache.
"Fuck that man, i ain't shaving for her! im growing a nutstache, she's gonna fall in love with it and still suck me off"
by Mr Tasty May 24, 2009
4 1
The hair above a mans privates.
My boyfriend needs to manscape his nutstache, it's out of control!
by Event Diva September 07, 2008
2 1
1. Placing ones nut sac on the upper lip of another person. Allowing the shaft to slap the forehead.

2. Ejaculating on a victim's upper lip and spreading it thin like a dirt stache.
1. Chris totally nut stached me earlier today. His shaft left a mark on my forehead.

2. Is my upper lip still crusty from my earlier nut stache?
by HeftyHogan January 10, 2014
0 0
what happens when your Exgirlfriends dad cuts your balls off and crazy glues them to your upper lip.
T gave b a nutstache
by 306 Big B May 14, 2009
3 5