That will be your mouth.
Listen asshole just shut your Nutcracker.
#cockpocket #cocksleeve #cumdumpster #nutwarmer #babycatcher
by Bored!!! February 26, 2009
Placing your scrotum into someones mouth, them proceeding to punch the top of their head as hard as you can in a downwards motion.
Paul: I bet you don't have the balls to do it.
Even if you do, you'll never have the balls to do it again.

Silas: Oh yeah!? Well I'll be getting a Nutcracker TONIGHT!
#nutcracker #painfull #kinky #horny #sexy
by Butt Hed March 19, 2009
A 14 inch wooden man who will guard your house, typically resembling a king or soldier usually holding a sword, axe, or staff. These men are almost always sold around Christmas Time.
I just bought a Nutcracker from Target the other day.
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by MrSkeletonpants April 11, 2016
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