Skeet pants that you can see a person small pecker because they are so tight.
"I see your balls are stuck in those nutt huggers." "Can you breath?"
by Joe Tourbald March 21, 2004
a guy who is less likly to score than you so he metiphorically 'latches onto your balls' in the hope that he can get some pussy off of your hard work and efforts.
If your mate the 'nut hugger' follows you around all night 'hugging your nuts' and laughs at all your jokes and makes you out to be the best thing going, increasing your pulling chances. Then when you have scored a chick and he hasnt, he will cause a distraction last miniute which will allow him to get the telephone number or take her or take her home instead of you.
by James Addicott October 15, 2006
the hoe or slut in your class that always is talking to your boo or being in his face.
"Look at that nut hugger all up on my man. HOE."{
by yes,iamdatHAWT February 24, 2009
Jeans that emo guys like to wear so they can pretend to be a woman.
I feel so feminin in these nut huggers, look how tight my bum is!
by mikem12345 May 12, 2008
A group of people who are suck ups to a man to get what they want!!!
Laquinta and her friends in order to get the best price for brides maid dresses turned into a bunch of Nut Huggers with the owner of the shop.
by C. Hernandez May 11, 2008
Pants that make your nuts go in your stomach.
Man, look at that emo faget. He loves his Nut Huggers. They're just so tight.
by Chris Monahan April 29, 2008
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