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1.When the whole community knows a man is packing more potatoes than meat.

2. fully clothed teabagging
1. After the lamest 3 minutes of her life it was obvious "Mr. Stud" was satcheled.

2. You know your in the wrong "gentlemen's club" when the doorman informs you they draw the line at being satcheled.
by assjacker253 August 05, 2009
A perfectly round, overfilled sore located directly under the foreskin. Deep mustard and jelly like in the center. unaffected by puncture or pressure, the only known cure is to let it run it's course and sweat out.
People say the smell from plump rot reminds them of musky sea bass and burnt hair.
It must be plump rot, every time I tried to pop it it plumped out like a jelly filled mood ring covered in stretchmarks. Luckily I passed out from the smell before I got too the pliers.
by assjacker253 August 05, 2009
1. Any female food service worker with sores in her mouth who willingly sucks a guys nuts so hard she removes blackheads.

2. A girl who can recite the entire alphabet with a hard boiled egg in her throat.

3. guys who go after older women based entirely off of the extra skin around their throats.
You should see the new manager at Wendy's. She does this thing with an egg that made me fall in love watching her neck fat shake and man what a ride. You can't even look at my nuts in direct sunlight!!

She is the queen of all lump gagglers.
by assjacker253 August 05, 2009
1.A person who exceeds being a nerd to such a point that they actually attract cult like followings of lesser nerds.

2. A creative and bored mean girl.

3. The dungeonmaster
I knew she was into me when I told her the base movement rate of a hill dwarf. She even let me wash her car before she sent me home. She called me her little nerdherder....whatever that is.
by assjacker253 August 05, 2009
{insert a picture of your woman's bottom lip}
If you need an example, stop right here and take a picture of your bottom lip.

Freakin' nut huggers!!
by assjacker253 August 04, 2009
The practice and appreciation of advice and acts most Fowl.
Right as we were leaving the drive-thru, I hit her with how her tits reminded me of the fried eggs on my breakfast jack. I saw the look on her face.....Man I knew she was a chick'nlove.
by assjacker253 August 05, 2009
1.The real reason for the feed bag hanging on the back of your sister's door.

2. The mouth of anyone so lame that everything they say makes you absolutely sure they spend most of their day with it full of dick.

3. standard 3 ring elastic lower body 100% cotton landing strip, 5 per pack, Monday - friday plus one special monthly liner, hand wash form-fitting,odor absorbing, tapered speed bumps connected by the sticky center arch speed bump, socially unacceptable offensive muff-and-ring sling, with wings or strings optional, for best results discard butter side up thong inspiring lines.
{def.'s 1&2} He said your sister's knickname should be fluffer. The way he ran his mouth they are obviously both drip cups.

{def. 3} Your mom's, granny's, and great aunt's drip cup old school panties!!!
by assjacker253 August 05, 2009

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