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Really Tight pants or shorts . They are so tight , they hug your nuts . Thats Why their call Nut Huggerss .
Hes definitly wearing some nut huggers !
by hjgwscdws April 19, 2010
38 9
N. a socially disadvantaged person who must latch, or hug onto to the nuts of one of his friends to gain acceptance in social setting.
I wish Jon wouldn't have been home schooled because he is such a Nut Hugger when we go out.
by the Razor December 07, 2009
32 3
1. (noun) men's shorts that are so form-fitting around the crotch that they actually hug the nuts to the point of delineating the testicles for all to ridicule.
2. (noun) a male who likes to put his arms around the testicles of another man.
1. Yo! Are you a fag? Then why are you wearingn nut huggers?
2. Dude, that guy likes you. He is definitely a nut hugger.
by Jorge April 01, 2003
49 24
Tight jeans or shorts worn by a man resulting in male camel toe.
Dave was wearing his nut huggers again. His crotch looked like a vagina!
by Neuro9 August 22, 2008
49 26
A "superfan" someone that espouses the virtues of another individual in the face of any and all opposition.
Scene - guys at Hooters watching the game.
Earl: "Kobe has been throwing up bricks all night get him out coach."
Bill and Jim: "Its not his fault, he's not getting the assists."
Earl: "Why don't you guys get off his jock, you are a couple of Kobe nut huggers."
by slowhite May 11, 2008
43 28
Tight and worn jeans or jeanshorts worn by people with no sense of style. Also worn by steroid using body builders on the beach.
Dude, look at that dude in the nuthuggers, that's a bad case of moose-knuckle!
by Gitta April 09, 2004
59 44
A guy's really really tight fitting trunks
Ew! That guy's wearing nut huggers
by ntc April 08, 2004
29 15