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Air Force PT uniform shorts.
Man, I gotta put on my pair of AF nut huggers and go take my PT test.
by drewman05 April 10, 2010
Any type of mens underpants that constrict the breath-ability of the testes.
'David Johnson keeps adjusting his nuthuggers'.
by p-hole May 19, 2011
See Speedo
That man was wearing a nut hugger so tight I'm surprised he didn't cut off the circulation to his crotch!
by Krazy K October 20, 2003
Skinny ass jeans that dudes wear these days its just a shame smfh
Nut huggers are skinny jeans
by old wizard November 30, 2013
{insert a picture of your woman's bottom lip}
If you need an example, stop right here and take a picture of your bottom lip.

Freakin' nut huggers!!
by assjacker253 August 04, 2009
A member of the Transportation and Security Administration assigned to security at an airport in the United States.
After passing through the metal detector, I opted out of the porno-scanner line and got into line for the nut hugger.
by MrJM November 22, 2010
Skeet pants that you can see a person small pecker because they are so tight.
"I see your balls are stuck in those nutt huggers." "Can you breath?"
by Joe Tourbald March 21, 2004