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"Christian In Name Only"

People who claim the label of Christian, but who make no effort to follow Jesus Christ's social teachings of feeding the hungry, healing the sick, helping the poor or visiting prisoners, see e.g. Matthew 25:35-40

"X" (Chi), the twenty-second letter of the Greek alphabet, is often used to abbreviate "Christ".
"He's got a Jesus Fish on his car, but he's a XINO who doesn't lift a finger for the poor."
by MrJM August 21, 2009
“No one wants to hear about your troubles unless your troubles are worse than theirs.
When a University of Chicago law professor blogged his complaints about making ends meet with a household income of more than a quarter of a million dollars a year, he violated the First Rule of Self Pity.
by MrJM September 25, 2010
An expression of raw hatred and contempt. Fucker³. The equivalent of what a fourth-grader means when he calls another fourth-grader, "Fag!" It has no sexual aspect whatsoever, only pure anger.
You're kidding me! You're going to live on the other side of the continent for a fucking girl? What about the band? What about the fucking band?!? Fuck you, you fucking FIZANK!!
by MrJM January 15, 2011
A member of the Transportation and Security Administration assigned to security at an airport in the United States.
After passing through the metal detector, I opted out of the porno-scanner line and got into line for the nut hugger.
by MrJM November 22, 2010

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