when you havent busted a nut cuz the girl your tryin to holla at is just a dicktease
that girl casey has me deep in a nut rut.
by SUKDADIK December 16, 2008
male version of camel toe. It can be found on men wearing jeans that are way too tight. Their pants seam is so tight, it divides their balls and separates the testicles creating a rut between the nuts. Commonly seen on musicians, cowboys and grandpa's with their pants hitched up too high.
OMG I love this band, the bassist is so hot and his pants are sooo tight!! Let's try to get up to the front of the stage!!! Hopefully his nut-rut will brush my face...

That dudes cute but his Wranglers are given him some serious nut-rut...

Gross no wonder Grandpa has prostate trouble, look at that fucking nut-rut.
by Foxy Shenanigans December 05, 2011

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