an alcoholics nickname for the internet
I got on the nut nut today to check the weather.

You can find everything on the nut nut.
by WrierAugustine March 09, 2009
Top Definition
having the best possible high and low hands in any split poker game, i.e. Stud 8 or Omaha 8.
Layne! Can you say nut nut?

-Scotty Nguyen
by luxloomis October 02, 2008
A person who is a bit kookie and whacky or not quite firing on all synapses. Is not meant to be derogatory in nature but as an affectionate observation.

"Has anyone seen my medulla oblongata lying? I can't find it since I put it in the tumble dryer to dry out"
by Tania K October 02, 2005
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