Top Definition
an awesome way of saying "what".
by Praetor192 May 22, 2009
Juat is a robotic being from the future 5000. He is the leader of a futuristic robotic movement known as Juatica. In the year 5000 you too will know of Juat and all of his robotic counterparts: plus plus diet and light-black future. Juaticas have tacticas. And let me tell juat, the currency of the future will also be juat. Juat that?
Juat are you doing?
by Juat Maganda April 28, 2008
A Word used to define boring people in society
So did you see "???" the other day?

He was being a Juat, seriously he needs to do something interesting for once.
by Daellic May 26, 2010

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