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A cat kneading you with its paws and purring, usually while drooling
That cat is really nushing on me, wish it would keep its claws in.
by El Noso Blanco January 26, 2007
Naturally Utterly Sweet and Humble
You are so nush!
by c00l$t0rybr0 April 14, 2011
to touch a cat's nose, or just a cat's nose.
I nushed this cat's nose, and he was wilding. Man, that cat is greasy, jo.

Man that cat's nusher is early, shorty.
by nicollette October 08, 2004
the term used for a smoko break..normally around parents, a non-smoking partner or teachers so they dont know where your really going..which is actually out for a smoke.
"Hey man, wana go for a nush?"

"Yea, lets go..."
by mestiza_olshie July 30, 2009
Romanian internet speak for "I don't know". Equivalent of dunno.
"nush unde stai" = "dunno where you live"
by Ileana28 April 09, 2008
a less-than ineffective jerk
gee bubya nush, currently "squatting" in (over?) the white ...'house'...
by DaveTheWave February 27, 2007
To flirt outrageously on national television and wonder why people dump you.
After Clinton nushed, his wife was taken far more seriously.
by iRoy July 14, 2003

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