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the hardest most stressful shit one will ever go through in life.
"hey where has kathy been these past months?"
"oh, shes stuck in nursing school studying for the rest of her life."
by nurseintraining March 06, 2008
A place where many will enter and few will graduate, run by the worse nursing instructors of mankind.
Well, I just got into nursing school, hmmm...... I wonder if I will graduate.
by krh90 September 02, 2009
World's last legal form of torture. After two years in a gulag learning to "help people", you are shipped off to Siberia for had labor to "help people" as a clinical student. Survivors and escapees of these death camps are rewarded ridiculously by the institutions that monitored the torture. Victims can be identified by scrubs, an enduring symbol of pain and suffering.
Perks from nursing school include the ability to know when the moon is full without looking outside, tell what someone drank and their BAC by smell, and pulling all-nighters as training for overnight shifts after you graduate.
by Killa Meplease, RN October 21, 2011
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