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poor unfortunate employees who are disrespected constantly by patients and nurses. They are on the front line for a code brown or when someone's ass needs to be wiped. A.k.a. the most overworked, yet underpaid job in the history of employment :) Our world could not function without the nursing assistants, yet people constantly berate these cursed people.
well, it looks like another patient went apeshit on a cna for giving her water with ice. Of course this poor cna had know way of knowing that this patient did not like ice.
by krh90 August 20, 2009
A place where many will enter and few will graduate, run by the worse nursing instructors of mankind.
Well, I just got into nursing school, hmmm...... I wonder if I will graduate.
by krh90 September 02, 2009
1.) 99% of high school chicks who laugh hysterically at things that are not remotely funny 2.) 90% of college chicks who soak themselves up with drama and send 4 different text messages to their boyfriends, all of which say the same thing
Amy just laughed hysterically cuz she accidentally ran over her crushes mailbox, that is so immature.
by krh90 September 27, 2009
The story of my life, along with my worse nightmare. And for your information Destron, A.D.D. can't be cure by a good kick in the ass. Before my diagnosis, my parents kicked me in the ass multiple times and it did nothing. Try walking through my shoes for a day and then we can talk about it............
Attention Deficit Disorder is the reason for my failures and isolation, and poor job performance.
by krh90 September 09, 2009
A drug that does absolutely nothing, yet is $400 per prescription. Not to mention the awful side effects. I was a zombie just from taking 5 mg. I would crash at 7pm and not wake up for 12 hours.
Well, leah is a zombie, i guess it's the abilify
by krh90 August 24, 2009
1.) probably the worse place on the planet to ever work at, that is if you are a c.n.a. it is run by the r.n. and those godawful l.p.n.'s who think they are so intelligent because they pass oral meds all day long.2.) A place where you will come home with shit on your uniform because some nasty ass son of a bitch decided to shit on you 3.)also employs many street niggers who think they are the 'shit' and act as if they own the place. On top of that, they hate any white employee who actually has a future and didn't get knocked up at 13. 4.) A godforsaken hellhole 5.) A place where not one c.n.a. can be found, because those worthless employees flee the scene in a moment's notice in order to get their 3-hr cigarette break.
If you just got your c.n.a. license, don't ever work at a nursing home, unless you want to be disrespected 24/7 by the worthless nurses who are not capable of working anywhere else.
by krh90 September 27, 2009
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