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acrorym meaning a language made up of surreal and whimsical nonsense. Formed from: Never Underestimate Really Bloody Ludicrous English.
"Whenever sense fails, resort to Nurble. It combines the dual powers of making the user feel better, and the victim confused..."
by The Loon January 07, 2008
nipples that face inwards
dude i was feeling up my girlfriend, and i discovered she had nurbles!!!!
by skip the great November 02, 2005
A word to express frustration due to a lack of conversation between 3 or less people
after an uncomfortable silence Derek expressed his frustration with a shrap uttering of 'Nurble'
by Jon Hudson April 04, 2006
Nurbles is a conditionb of the scrotum. The Scrotum becomes red, tender and very irritable.
Bloody Hell! Ive got the damn Nurbles again!
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