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1)A word said to someone who has either said or done something stupid, gay, ridiculous or asks a question already answered multiple times.

2)Expression of disbelief, usually over something too good to be true.

Can be described as another way of saying 'get out'.
1)Person1: These four lokos taste soooo good its like an orgasm in the mouth.
Person2: Ok NUPPP

2) Person1: I drank 6 four lokos, 24 beers and was only buzzed last night.
Person2: Nup
by Nupp August 04, 2011
21 20
nup - (1) interjection (2)adjective:

1. Negative, no, to convey disagreeance.
2. Gives the subject a bad characteristic, feeling or appearance.
In the case of (2) this is a contextual word, ie: the use of the words around it define the exact meaning of nup.

"You're nup" - The person you are saying this to is in some way undesirable, or is saying/performing/has performed something undesirable.
"Nup. This is nup." - Use of both word types is achieved here. The first occurance (1) showing disagreeance to something, followed by (2) to show that "this" is "nup" or undesirable.
by Cabji August 03, 2003
51 44
A contraction of two words: nothing's and up. Usually a response to the popular greeting "s'up."
Bob: S'up dude?
Me: N'up. I had a boring weekend. ESPECIALLY becuase I had to visit my relatives!
by ThunderBlizzard May 12, 2008
6 1
pocket sized indian pokemon...girls hate her and guys wanna date her. she is sooo famou$
by shhhhhnupy February 07, 2010
6 4
(abbreviation) nuptials; a wedding or a marriage.
Did you see that couple that danced down the aisle at their nups? Best entrance ever.
by LegalDonut August 11, 2009
5 4
(noun) a baby elephant or large baby.
(at the zoo) Oh look a nup!
by xupack007 June 23, 2013
1 1
short for a button-up shirt. commonly plaid but can be any pattern. a tool to make the average person more attractive
"oh my god that guy looks so hot in the nup. I bet it's flannel"
by getitcharter December 06, 2011
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